Denver Giving Machines Background

Giving Machines started in 2017 with the simple question, “How can we give people a chance to perform an instant act of service?” The answer was a common and easily understood experience – a vending machine. Users can actually choose items to give  to people served by four local and two global charities.

To date these unique vending machines for charity have raised more than $9 million to buy coats, meals, bedding, toilets, eye exams, farm animals and countless other items for people in need. Each Denver Giving Machine charity selected items for the Machines that are most needed by those they serve.

Giving Machines first came to Denver in 2019, where they raised $667,000. The effort was a collaboration between the machines’ sponsor, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, owners of Writer Square; Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock, the Downtown Denver Partnership and other charity and interfaith partners.

The COVID pandemic and recommendations against large gatherings, the Giving Machines did not operate in 2020.

The Giving Machines returned to a different Denver in 2021. COVID had emptied the downtown area of workers and many residents were still hesitant to gather in groups. Despite these challenges, the Giving Machines once again proved to be incredibly impactful for the community, collecting a total of $475,786 for local and global charities.

The Giving Machines will return to Writer Square the week of Thanksgiving 2022 through New Year's Day 2023. They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Plan your visit.