Giving Machine items 2019

The Giving Machines are part of a seasonal campaign and are not in place at this time. We expect the machines to return the week of Thanksgiving 2020. The information below is from the 2019 season and may change in 2020.

What can you choose at Light the World Giving Machines for someone in need? Here are the details. 

Black Child Development Initiative – Denver 
Item Description Price 
Mirror Book Help kids of diverse backgrounds see their identity represented in the stories they read. $5.00
Starter Library for a Child A small bookshelf and 10 mirror books to help a child start their own collection $20.00
STEAM Kit for Four Kids Includes lab coats, goggles and three science experiments $40.00
Early Literacy Boot Camp Admission for a child to a one-week program promoting family literacy $75.00
Fresh Produce for 350 Kids Give kids in food deserts access to healthy fruits and vegetables for a week $150.00

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Denver
Item Description Price
Two Meals at a Women’s Shelter Hope and nourishment for women experiencing homelessness $3.50
One Blanket
Ten Days of Groceries Help men, women and families facing food insecurity $45.00
Diapers for a month
Mattress with Bedding A warm new bed, pillows and sheets for someone experiencing homelessness $300.00

Rose Andom Center 
Item Description Price
Bus Pass Allow an abuse victim to get to the Rode Andom Center for the help they need $3.00
Personal Care Items Supply a victim fleeing abuse with self-care essentials $15.00
Toys and Equipment for Playroom Help make a safe and supervised play area of kids impacted by domestic violence $50.00
Well Woman Visit Provide a victim of abuse with needed preventative care in a place where they feel safe $100.00
Hope and Healing for Abuse Victims Access to counseling, legal advocacy, safety planning and health care $300.00

Mile High Ministries
Item Description Price
One Meal for a Family Provide a family experiencing hardship with essential groceries $10.00
One Hour of Tutoring Help a child with a difficult school subject $20.00
Adult Education Classes Kickstart someone’s career opportunities through ABE, GED or ESL courses $30.00
Backpack and School Supplies Help a child get everything they need to start school $75.00
A Night of Safe Shelter Assist a family in crisis with a day and night of safe, supportive housing $100.00

Water for People 
Item Description Price
Box of Hand Soap Supply soap at school and educate kids about handwashing to prevent illness $3.00
Tiger Worm Toilet Tiger worms solve sewage problems by turning waste into compost $21.00
Handpump Installation Safe and reliable water keeps families healthy and lets children stay in school $50.00
A Year of Clean Water for One Person Providing water of one person for a year is a step closer to clean water for everyone $60.00
Drill a Well Saves hours spent every day fetching water and reduces water-borne illness $150.00

CWS Global 
Item Description Price
Lifesaving Nutrition Provide a malnourished child with therapeutic food and rehabilitation $15.00
Three Chickens Two hens and a rooster provide a family with income from egg production and breeding $18.00
One Sheep Wool from sheep can be used to clothe a family as well as provide a source of income $60.00
One Piglet Raising and selling piglets can help a family cover basic expenses $100.00
One Acre of Sweet Potatoes This drought-tolerant crop provides both food and income. $150.00 

All Giving Machines donations will be used for the purchased item or for similar items or services of greater need as determined by the applicable charitable organization. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will cover all administrative costs for this campaign and costs associated with its nonprofit partners to ensure that 100 percent of each donation goes to each charity.